German Market in addition to the conventional systems now also relies on this less expensive alternative than specialist for the Zusterller – and distribution sector now introduces the Dutch post box on the German market. For years, it was the image of the traditional post box”shaped, designed for many more operations and enables the automatic processing. It is now in the fields of storage, logistics, storage and transport also on this new concept. The company distributes products for the delivery – and distribution industry. For assistance, try visiting Facebook. These include of course also post boxes in different variations. Also the post box for many years located in the range.

As the company equips increasingly many businesses, you had searched for alternatives. Together with a manufacturer, has secured the exclusive distribution. Ideally suited for the internal organization of the post, as a warehouse or Organization box, as well as transport solution many companies access in the meantime on the slightly less expensive solution back. Which system operation always prefers, at (GT-Betriebs GmbH) you will find the ideal solution. In the Internet shop you can find an excerpt from the product range, however, many more individual solutions are possible according to the operation. In the reference list in the meantime large German companies, local authorities, courts, colleges and universities fit. According to information of the operation the company continues to focus on expansion. New products and systems are planned. The implementation of its own patents currently plays a major role for the continued successful growth course.

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