German High School

A cooperation for more than 25,000 professors, teachers and scientific employees. Berlin. Four months after the launch of in Germany Managing Director Felix Kayser looks back with satisfaction. More and more students, students, teachers and lecturers, but also educational institutions discover the good service and the excellent software and hardware innovations by 1edu. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. Up to 30,000 customers a day visit the online shop. In the past quarter, 1edu could bring many strong partners at his side. So the 1edu cooperated GmbH among others with the world online”. Since this week, all about 25,000 members of the German high schulverbandes can benefit from the best possible conditions for the purchase of soft – and hardware.

University professors, teachers, scientific staff and the academic youth in Germany access to education products, which are up to 80% cheaper with the same performance, as the commercial version of the same product. The framework agreement between the 1edu GmbH and the DHV are DHV members Mircosoft Products, such as Office Professional plus 2010 or Windows 7 available. Furthermore can DHV members about products including Apple (MacBook, iMac), Adobe products (Photoshop, CS4 suite), Wacom, and many more have. For verification in the 1edu-DHV-store, the customer required a DHV membership card.

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