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Engineering Office for market analysis is the Engineering Office for market analysis large-scale engineering on the core industries, specialised in machine construction, automotive, metal and plastics technology. The services include: market analysis, market research, competitive analysis, benchmarking and technology analysis. Market potential analyses will focus on innovative techniques and products. Here are some selected projects in the area of market analysis are outlined to show the wide range of work: Europe-wide market potential analysis for Germany’s leading plant engineering task: A large-scale farmer wanted to proceed with new products in industries new for it. An assessment of market potential should clarify what are the industries with the greatest market potential and lowest competition. Approach: It a wide variety of industries were examined on the relevance of their use. The spectrum ranged from steel works on the food industry to new energies. It identified with a high potential applications and the competition density per segment pointed out.

Result: It turned out that the price and competitive pressure in the largest application areas was enormous. In some fast-growing areas, there were, however, significant market potential, that catered to so far a few competitors in Europe. These were identified and assessed. An entry in the most obvious areas of use was discouraged because the cost was too high. The entry into new areas with high prices and high growth potential was recommended. Germany-wide competition analysis precision components for medical technology manufacturer task: A precision parts manufacturer which produced using a special manufacturing process medical technology components, wanted his competitive environment throughout Europe shine through.

Strengths and weaknesses of own components should be compared with the competitors. In the foreground stood the technical feasibility and supply situation. Procedure: In a competitive analysis of the market was examined systematically. Strengths and weaknesses profile of the providers were in especially large numbers and difficult technical specifications determined. A competitive analysis was carried out for the 21 main providers in Europe. Result: It is, show that few providers could economically produce technically difficult parts. This could be used as a clear argument for the own production. Competitors from overseas were significantly more expensive than you might think. A price adjustment was not recommended. Have similar applications. Then ask for an individual offer. More case studies, visit our website: global marktanalyse.

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