George Forrest

Through our excellent contacts in the banking scene in Toronto we assume that the stock in the next few months about 2 CAD is driven, to carry out a new funding there. On 12-month courses to 4 CAD are quite possible. We buy 3000 Duluth shares with limit 1.45 CAD therefore with immediate effect, until the 04.12.2009. symbol DM on the TSX is valid. The execution of the order was to 1.41 CAD.

We have the next winners share already in the depot! Click here to register: community/registration / profit traders analysis from 26.11.2009 to Forsys metals: Forsys – we were right! What’s next now? The share of Forsys metals (TSX: FSY, WKN: A0ETPA) since their highs in the summer of 2009 clearly issued. The paper at about 6.50 CAD in the hope of many investors that the takeover by George Forrest would still succeed was quoted in August 2009. The company played at this time by the release of irritating news game of cat and mouse with its investors. Now the paper at approx. 4.29 CAD noted experts of the profit traders for the fair value, if you the uranium resources as a rating scale based sets. The future of Forsys continues to be dominated by strong uncertainty. So E.g. the payment is fee of reverse break”of $ 20 million, the Forsys George Forrest complains a, far from certain.

This process can take years, and it is unlikely that Forsys will get this amount. Forsys urgent new cash needed to bring his Valencia uranium project in production. The previous time targets were rejected by the turbulence of the past 14 months and is a significant delay in the worst case to expect even a failure of development of the Valencia project. Mid-October 2009, Forsys Morgan Stanley hired as a consultant for a strategic review of the company. It is about options of financing, joint ventures with other uranium players, mergers, acquisitions or even the sale of the entire company.

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