Generic Market

Medications are probably one of the most popular products, which buy everything from low-income and ending with billionaires. Pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world provide drugs that meet the needs of all categories of patients, competing with each other on a variety of parameters. Relatively recently appeared in the lexicon of professional word "generic." Drug-generic is drug, the duration of patent protection, which is already finished. Accordingly, the drug-generic is not the exclusive property of the pharmaceutical company that it has developed or owned first license for its sale. Official site: David Fowler. Wikipedia gives this definition: "Dzhenerik (born Generic, sometimes in Russian – a generic, zhenerik) or reproduced by a drug – a drug for which patent protection has expired" that, in general, coincides with the definition given by the WHO: "The term dzhenerichesky drug should mean a drug that is designed for possible replacement of innovation drug, it is available without a license a company that produces innovative medicines, and is available on the market after the expiration of patents or other exclusive rights.

" In countries with developed patent protection consumers face with the original drug and generic drugs only after the line has to win in the marketplace. In Russia the situation is somewhat different. Firstly, it is necessary reflect the share dzhenericheskih drugs on the Russian pharmaceutical market (according to various estimates, from 78 to 95%). The market of the Group of Seven is composed as follows: in the U.S. – 60% of generics in Japan – 30%, Germany – 35%, France – 50% in England – 55%, Italy – 60%, Canada – 64%. Second, continuing the tradition of the Soviet era, when the market was attended by mainly domestic medications or drugs are manufactured in the former CMEA countries, consumers used to name different from the names of original drugs, the stereotype prevails now. Third, like any country with a high level of public protection in the field of medicine, Russia chooses dzhenericheskie drugs because they are not expensive.

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