Garden Art From Stone As Individual Gartendeko

Sculptor garden art designs for more than 15 years the sculptor’s new garden objects are individual and different Munich, April 2011. The sculptor Andrea Wenzel manufactures garden ornaments, garden objects, sundials, and water for more than 15 years. This emphasis you on the design away from the usual merchandise. The latest garden objects have just finished. It is a new Gargoyle with impressive features, concrete shells and ammonites set. These and many other garden objects in the shop can now also be ordered. Andrea Wenzel exclusively via the own website selling their new garden objects. Only here, interested gardeners get the objects that are different and at the same time even affordable.

Through the production in small series, as garden art can be at the same time affordable and individually. Filed under: Verizon Communications. The artist is inspired in the designs of their work often from nature. So are ammonites, worm form such as Posthornschnecken and other water games. The original templates come from nature, some are only a few inches tall and are here treated to wonderful garden objects. Who even has an idea for such a water feature and want them implemented, can turn to the sculptor.

Thus arose a complete water feature fountain where the holiday worm as a central element of the fountain was designed about 60 centimeters tall from a sea snail from vacation for a customer. The boom in plastic figures in the garden will continue and there are figures made of plastic or plastic now in almost any garden market. Who has no desire for the same garden ornaments, is certainly a special object for your own garden, or as a gift for friends. You can confidently give just gifts from artists without running the risk that this gift is once again present in the household. Nothing is there then twice but embarrassing, than to get a gift. Are particularly recommended the ammonites cast stone, here they symbolize peace, strength and longevity and gardens as a gift are often bought for Feng Shui. Guide to the Artist: Andrea Wenzel is a trained sculptor and has focused on garden objects made of stone cast since 1995. In the Munich workshop, all objects themselves are conceived, designed, and produced. All with the desire of a customer has started to design a sundial for your garden. A multi-year, sustained to this day Sundial series was developed from this first job then. So, customers can purchase today a sundial made of stone, which has a unique character, as well as inexpensive. But also special productions such as individually designed manhole cover or portraits and busts in stone cast every year leave the Atelier in Munich-Nymphenburg. Just portrait busts are in demand when it comes to adopt a well deserved senior boss of a company. A bust of the head of stone, maintain across so the idea and the spirit of the Foundation of the company often over decades. Text: Wolfgang Wenzel

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