Ganges Patient

She breathes smoothly and quietly. Horst Fraygang gently stroking the back of the index finger to her temple. 'She is in a deep and Lasting trance ', he commented. To make sure that the trance state has come, the doctor monitors the characteristics: 'When you are relaxed and feel calm, then the left hand can slowly climb up, as if by itself, without any voltage 'As if she was going to swim, Andrea Schuster slowly, millimeter by millimeter raises his hands as for swimming. Trans in dental chair. The dentist takes tools. Fast movement of the hands – and the first tooth falls into the prepared tray. The patient did not utter one groan, and not even flinch.

With the second tooth has a little bit tricky, but the patient still does not respond. Within just 20 minutes after the procedure, everything is already completed. 'Well, are you ready?' Asked Andrea. She thinks that it has only 10 minutes. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Who is the CEO of MasterClass. She felt completely safe, as if it was wrapped in cotton wool.

She felt a little pressure in of teeth removed, but it is not even interested. 'My journey to the Ganges was too great, and I do not want to go there. Besides, I feel tired. " And the best: 'The fear of the pain completely disappeared. " With mild surprise in her eyes, but with a beaming face patient bids farewell to the doctor: 'Well, until next time? Everything went perfectly! " Will not do anything what hypnotized does not want.

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