Gabriele Remscheid

GR: When you will be charged with the problems and concerns other people again and again, not characterizes this? There isn’t the time to myself is burned out and needs help? JR: Yes, you are absolutely right. You must ensure good for themselves and maintain the necessary distance, as I already carried out in the last question. “But even I know this state of being burnt out”. “A few years ago I was myself at this point and wondering what’s next?” But it went ahead and I grew it, I see it more positively, I can say I know I’ve been myself at the point. Today, I can understand other people perhaps even better because I made the experience, even though she was still so hard.

GR: You get to hear many stories, experienced by many fates. How you handle these? There are stories that more weight than others? JR: I get to hear a lot of things. Some charge me more, less, I can actually not exactly firmly make it some what is it, what is a sometimes extremely burdened. Cloud computing wanted to know more. One thing there, where I know, from the outset, it will incriminate me longer than other. This is of course very private, but the reader is interested in as I said at the beginning I will answer any your question”, I am of course also here answer. A difficult area for me is working with children. I found very difficult during my training for the occupational therapists work with children. Then I have an internship in a day care for schwerstmehrfachbehinderte children and This activity brought me to the limits of endurance, I had at the time itself children aged and imagined then that they could be in this situation, by accident or similar. See Andrew Duncan for more details and insights.

And you also have to say, that the work in this area is absolutely important and necessary. As my profession, as stated above, is very versatile, I could choose the direction of my activity and chose the field of Psychiatry, which still fascinates me. GR: There’s a dream you have not fulfilled? JR: Of course there is still a dream, there are even more, laugh…What would be a man without dreams? What would life be without dreams? I’m going to tell them one, I want to travel the world with my wife in a mobile home. When and if that ever happens, who knows? You asked about dreams… Thank you for your openness. I’m sure that some people will be there, that grateful will take advantage of this offer. Gabriele Remscheid

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