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Therefore, if it does not establish between the professional and the user previous a therapeutical contract where the number of sessions, the schedules is combined, the honorary ones or the frequency of the meeting. The purpose of the planto is to hear and to receive the person at a necessary and determined moment of its life, with focus in the crisis situations. (TASSINARI, 2003). In accordance with Slaiku, cited for Dattilio and Freeman (2004), the crisis is understood with ' ' a temporary state of disturbance and disorganization, characterized mainly for the incapacity of the individual to deal with one definitive situao' '. (SLAIKU apud DATTILIO; FREEMAN, 2004). Being thus, one understands that the crisis happens of some event that was marcante in the life of the individual in order to disturb its capacity to face this situation.

The psychological planto, then, would appear as a form of psychological intervention capable to assist the individual in the resolution of the crisis in immediate way. For Mahfoud (1987), the psychological planto is a type of intervention that receives the person at the accurate moment of its necessity, assisting it better to deal it with its resources and limits. Of this form, attendance to the individual at the moment is provided where it feels that he needs shelter and understanding on the part of the plantonista, with sights to minimize its current state of misalignment, anguish and suffering. Therefore, the planto psychological it is presented as a modality of psychological, characterizing itself as soon and individual attendance. Moreover, the psychological planto search, in one or few sessions, to guide and to assist the individual in the resolution of its difficulties, that is, to work with focal situations that emerge in the individual without, necessarily, demands an attendance or drawn out accompaniment. (VIEIRA, 2009). In the same direction, Furigo and others (2006) it adds that the attendance in the planto form focuses the urgent and immediate demands, acting in such way that the individual can take conscience of its state of suffering.

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