Fund Investment

Many consumers are wondering whether they contact Investmenfonds at the pensions on the right horse. Are mutual funds good or bad? The question everyone who wants to do something for his retirement well. This can be not clearly answer this question. Investment funds and unit-linked insurance policies have an advantage: you can even impact on the investments of the investment. At the same time, you have the risk that one selects the wrong Fund and therefore achieves a bad return or suffers losses. Because it is often more attractive to get a guaranteed interest rate, with the prospect of surpluses.

Good capital fine insurance companies achieve yields of about 4-5 per cent currently and thus also beyond cost at a relatively good level of interest. But you should also take into account that one completes, for example, a pension, depending on age, often for 20, 30 or even 40 years. Since the probability is relatively high, which once poor yields achieved also the asset management of insurance and is doing a good job. And thus can dissolve quickly in air the targeted surplus. I have a good range of funds, however, I can invest and benefit from good global developments in megatrends. With a good range of funds you can shift in asset classes such as real estate, bonds and currencies, if it makes sense. This is a good addition to the classic offerings of equity funds. Because to achieve the largest security investment by a wide spreading, here seen the real advantage of unit-linked insurance and investment funds. There is of course only a few years until retirement, you should not take rather the risk of capital market. Finally, you can see in the development of the stock markets in the past 12 years, that can occur even with longer investment horizons to zero yields.

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