Friedrich August

In the castle chapel son Friedrich August allows his mother to their last resting beds count of Cosel. To set a headstone, is not allowed him. It is still today in bright The spirit of Cosel convert Moon nights crying and complaining to the walls of the medieval castle ruins… And what happened to the children of Countess Cosel? Could August accompany the strong on his travels and be even close to him, as the cholera in Poland was rife around the year 1710, Anna gave her two little girls to the grandparents to gut Depenau. Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow has many thoughts on the issue. Son Friedrich August left her when her flight to Prussia at Pillnitz. He and the girls were educated under use of the confiscated assets of the mother after 1721 at the Dresden Court. Later, the children were given even an own family coat of arms.

The daughters were married well, where the father does not take the pleasure had to align them with splendid wedding celebrations.Son of Friedrich August von Cosel, later father of four children, pursued a military career. He built the Coselpalais named after him in Dresden. Friederike is macabre-sad the early end of Anna’s youngest daughter. At the age of 16, she married a count. With less than 20 years, she died on the Smallpox.

It is said after the funeral was over and the gravediggers went on his work, he heard scratching noise from the coffin. It was to open, it banned; previously an official approval had to be obtained. When she was finally granted and they opened the coffin, was the young woman Deathly still in it. Noticeable scuff marks were found under the coffin lid, however. Christine Fischer, using my book: “History and other importances from the Dresden Altstadt core”. The interested visitors of Dresden to the entertaining mood and gleaning.

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