French Revolution

Habermas, invites to think us it about the dualidade of the modern subjectividade, the philosophical ambivalence of the individualism, what it allows to give to the Legal philosophy of the Man a less strict negative connotation than until today. In world so conturbado, where the breakings of the Human Rights, constitute, in some countries, the rule of actuao of responsible politicians, this lead to think that the problem is not placed, initially, in the ethical plan, but before to the level politician. Soon, it seems reasonable that the governments, integrate in its composition, each time more, a bigger number of individualities with politician-philosophical formation and in the diverse domnios of Social Sciences and Human beings, in order to be able to meditar and to decide problems unprincipled people, who are authentic and insuportveis breakings of the human rights. 4. Internal reconstruction of the Right: The System of the Rights Currently has who considers Habermas as the main name of the hegeliano-marxiano thought that, as Rawls, it intends to consider a conciliation between the liberal element and the democratic one of the modern politics. Supporting in the thoughts politicians of Kant, Hegel and Marx as well as in the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen of 1789, it transmits the opinion according to which the ignorance, the esquecimento or the disdain for the Human Rights is great the responsible ones for the public misfortune, and that these same factors, contribute, without a doubt, for the corruption of the governments. The development of the modern societies, from the French Revolution and a sequential set of deep mutations, implies, correlative and for it saw of the disintegration of the religious conceptions of the world, a new profane culture, where, in the HABERMAS perspective, (1998: 13) if infer that: ' ' the modern empirical beliefs, autonomizao of the arts and the theories of the moral and the right, based from principles, had lead to the formation of cultural spheres of values that make possible learning processes, according to internal laws of the theoretical, aesthetic problems or practical? moral. .

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