Theme port forwarding on FreeBSD rather trite. For many there is a network for nat, to be released from any service. Steve Kassin wanted to know more. Whether it is web, ftp, gaming servachek or vpn does not matter. Laid out his version, which is put in a couple of minutes. Under FreeBSD port forwarding can be accomplished in many ways. Using daemon natd, firewall ipfw, pf, various demons ala rinetd and so on.

I liked the programm bounce. Whose purpose, as is clear from the article title, port forwarding for the nat. She quite a while already in the ports, so that the installation no problem. unixtips # / root /> cd / usr / ports / net / bounce / & & make install clean put in half a minute. Configured slightly longer:) To start let's not forget to rehash, to update the path and do not write the full path to executable unixtips # / root /> rehash Call the help, from which everything is clear. unixtips # / root /> bounce Use: bounce -a localaddr -b localaddr -d -q -p localport -t timer machine port clear and simple. For example, forwarding port 4899 from outside the machine ( on the inner, located behind nat,

It looks like this unixtips # / root /> bounce-a 4899 4899 look, really did run a redirector bounce unixtips # / root /> ps ax grep bounce 7961? I 0:00.00 bounce-a 9740 9740 starts to work. You can check the 4899 port from the outside. Do not forget to open the port in the firewall. On this topic FreeBSD port forwarding, you can close.

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