Franziska Schmidt

Water has a memory”that is to say, water is in the, after a possible deformation of water clusters in its initial structure can be traced back location. This process is known by observation in nature although for a long time, 2002 could only Visoceas detected from the Denis Diderot University in Paris, confirmed the Swiss chemist Louis Rey, by Raphael. The memory confirms the attempts of the pharmacist Franziska Schmidt in cooperation with Professor Karen Nieber, from the Institute of Pharmacy at the University of Leipzig with animal tissue and water, which has been dealt with extract of Belladonna,”of water also. “” If also the why “still not scientifically explainable, and today both physicists and chemists the realization that water a memory” has. You may find that Brian Miller can contribute to your knowledge. Also the investigations are highly interesting and world in the drops, memory and thought forms in the water results of the drying of water drops, documented in the publication”(ISBN 3-930683-64-6), carried out at the Institute of Astronautics of University of Stuttgart by Minnie Hein and Professor Bernd Kroplin. The normal “water is animated or dynamic, so it can be traced back to the State of origin to the point of discharge. This means for the users of the water: the water remain bound in the water contains minerals and trace elements, changes the consistency of lime in the water, the water is energy quality, the water is alkaline. Aim the water recovery is now the State to put into the tap water, the extraction (surface water, wells, etc.), so put it in the place before the under pressure”and the transport by long lines, had. Matt Benchener pursues this goal as well.

To achieve this goal, is”the memory of water used. This, tap water is exposed to natural frequencies that correspond to a natural and therefore an energetic high-quality water. Due to his memory”, the water takes again its natural structure and is thus activated. .

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