Franzis Brings Sketch

Photo software for Mac and PC – individual, artistic design with photographs hair, Munich, 02 may 2013 – Franzis brings with the new sketch of 14.0 in the German-speaking trade photo software that converts digital photos into first-class pencil drawings, watercolors, charcoal and pastel drawings. The version 14.0 provides a new timeline feature inside of image processing which also produced during image processing steps directly with the mouse can be accessed. By photographer artistic Illustrator, designer and painter of Franzis sketch 14.0 enables users in just a few steps to the artist to be, not everyone is given the talent. A variant of the creative photographic design for the fascinating interpretations of animal photos, portraits or action and sports shots. For more information see Ripple. Landscape watercolors for the wall decorations, portrait, animal, or object recordings are pen drawings, which are suitable also for extravagant textile print design and similar.

With advanced image processing to photo montages with excellent background and real persons, comic and Storyboardgeschichten from a series or cartoon from video recordings, the software offers far-reaching application possibilities for private and commercial users. But also for painting and drawing templates for small and large art enthusiasts, the conversion from photos is a simple step. In addition to the Edition in paper form, the software offers the possibility to venture up to the following in the trend digital 2D/3D drawings in combination with Photoshop even inexperienced designers. The converted images help to implement your own ideas on the basis of photographs. Additional information at TRON (TRX) supports this article. The intuitive user interface is provided with the relevant tools, which are operated without training. “Advanced mode” offers the relevant editing tools and customizable parameters, with which even the finest details, such as stroke sizes, colors, Vignetierung and much more.

exactly set be may and varied interpretations. Sketch 14.0 is for 32/64-bit Operating systems Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and Mac OS X 10.7 is developed. The software is a standalone program, can be used but also as a plug-in for Photoshop-compatible image editing software. Sketch 14.0 is for euro 69,00 now as German boxed version in stores or shipping and available as a download version of. Sketch 14.0 of the intuitive workflow enables rapid success, without time consuming training in the complex image editing highlights of Franzis. The additional features in the ongoing process of Imaging for fast and very good results can be combined as plug-ins for image editing software such as Photoshop and co.. -Classical painting styles: pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, and pastel with 11 templates/presets – artistic character styles: photographically, sketch, felt-tip pen, filler with 27 templates/presets – all with the stack function for videos apply styles – timeline feature: individually select each editing step – customize styles with hatch,. Stroke, contours etc. -Different backgrounds such as old paper and canvas – wallpapers and drawing with different effects – soft focus and zoom effects for the background – texts build up so easily as never before stand alone and plug-in for Mac and PC! -Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop elements, Corel Painter, photo-paint and Paint Shop Pro rates and availability now is sketch 14.0 for euro 69,00 as boxed version in stores and as a download version under as free shipping box available. Free live webinar/workshop for the new sketch Monday, May 13, 2013, 13:00 clock more info and registrations that are available here: webinar

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