Frank Rechsteiner

For a good seller, it is important to take this way of communication, the customer to be sympathetic and to move it to the end. I even convinced a proactive customer from a customer relationship management system, by I stressed that the CRM system through the enormous time savings of the salesperson immediately pays for itself. Proactive people tend to buy something if they can immediately start something? Reactive people, however, wait for it, that others take the initiative or the situation is ripe, before they decide to act. You tend to consider and analyze. Reactive customers use many infinitives and talk in long and nested sets. Could or should they express themselves carefully and use many Konjunktive, how would”,” “.

These customers buy something, if the product or the service helps them to understand something. So, I could sell a supplier relationship management system to a reactive decision makers because I made him clearly that he will receive transparency across the entire life cycle of a supplier. Furthermore, reactive customers buy more, if the seller suggests, that this purchase is something that they’ve been waiting. 3: There are other examples of types of motivation? “” Frank Rechsteiner: potential buyers are also in the categories way by “to” divide. The way of “types know exactly what they don’t want, for example certain work processes or recurring problems concerning it. A standard set of these customers is: the pressure is always larger, I don’t anymore!” Back to “types, however, have a very clear idea of their target.

They describe the final State and the use of the required CRM software as a positive vision. It is clear that going to “-decision makers need a different approach as the way of”. – 3: why are the soft sales factors”underestimated by many SAP providers? “Frank Rechsteiner: Although the soft skills” are the key to sales success, few companies raise their sales teams in this area. “One reason for this is that that is the success of soft factors” can be measured not in numbers because they are unconsciously perceived and evaluated. “Every SAP partner should draw on however the potentials, the inspired performing multi specifically tailored to the SAP environment” offers. Also the consultant should be included in the training concept in addition to the sellers, because they pose great knowledge about the customer and thus valuable cross-selling potential. A large Also industry newcomer, Young Professionals and career changers can be enriching for the sales. To prepare these employees for the sale of IT solutions and services, has offered concentrated Eliteausbildungs programs with specially supervised periods of three to four months. “The newcomers have the advantage that they bring fresh blood into the industry and far more favorable than the old-timers” are the other before IT represented, and SAP provider have partly same customers. The newcomers, however, run exclusively for the recruiting company and are already familiar with the training after a short time with the modern selling methods – that means they know how you professionally as well as personally convince the customers. “E – 3: How can the success of multi inspired performing ‘ be measured? “Frank Rechsteiner: multi inspired performing” is not the approach to increase the lead by companies. When a sales completion rate of 75 percent, the lever is applied rather at the customer, the who have decided not to purchase. As experience shows, the completion rates through the use of special purchase motivation programmes and techniques of multi inspired performing could”be increased by up to 50 percent. 3: Thank you for the interview.

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