FranchiseKey International:

At the start of 2005 went in 8,000 franchise offerings and innovative mediation model FranchiseKey’s first English-language website. Today, the platform provides its offering for franchise founder already in 20 countries and 10 languages. In the year 2009, launches the portal with fresh design and also breaks new ground in the brokerage of franchise partnerships. FranchiseKey offers one of the largest franchise databases in the world with approximately 8,000 national and International Foundation offers. The franchise offers are here clearly broken down by industries and investment. On a virtual Notepad, users can keep their favorite franchise systems with a mouse click and later contact the system. Also around 900 video interviews with franchise professionals, expert knowledge and latest news from the franchise business are available on FranchiseKey.

The entire offer for franchise buyers is free of charge. FranchiseKey sets qualifying questions, unlike other sites that present franchise offers, among Enquiries from potential franchise partners on quality rather than on Earth. Therefore, the online form, the franchise was interested to request more information, is more verbose held as usual often. “Not only franchisor can estimate better by our system, whether a franchise partner in consideration comes. Potential franchisees have FranchiseKey”better chances to really find the right system, explains Ulrich Kessler, co-founder of FranchiseKey. As an entrepreneur for a franchise offer, interested in the respective franchisors receives his anonymous online application. The franchisor acquires whose contact information only if the application is also very interesting for him. Franchise systems are free of charge for franchisor means this innovative procedure also, that they can present their system free with text, logo and multimedia content on FranchiseKey and furthermore a billing concept with complete cost transparency benefit.

FranchiseKey currently operates a total of 20 national Internet platforms in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. In addition the International website at The German edition is present under FranchiseKey is a joint venture of the three national leading portals from Spain, from Germany and France.

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