The promise has legs; only the gift has hands. There is no law without holes for that knows to find them. German proverb. For those who of some form it interests to them to enter itself in the reach, repercussions that the growth generates spiritual, beyond the traditional thing, which is learned in this physical dimension, it is not possible to be ignored the contributions that luckyly bequeath passers-by to us, who like us, we took the opportunity from life that occurs us and being wide-awake, kind, we can obtain data, contributions that are bequeathed to us and they help us to take advantage of the time that is granted to us to remain and to enter us in our evolution. So it is the case, that in this opportunity, it bequeaths Ouspensky to us in Fragments of a unknown education and it invites to us to reflect on some topics, thoughts that provide valuable information that him is due to pay attention, like that remembers to us, when it indicates to us, that it is a fact that the great majority of people ignores desire to know; it refuses his quota of knowledge and even neglects to take in the general distribution the portion that is to them destined for the needs of its life. This to do particularly evident in periods of madness collective, of wars and of revolutions, when the men seem to lose suddenly until that small grain of sense common that they had of ordinary, and turned into perfect robots, give themselves to gigantic slaughters, as if no longer they had conservation instinct. It is as well as great amounts of knowledge, of certain way they remain without protesting, and they can be distributed to which they know to appreciate his valor" If the man could include/understand all the horror of the life of the ordinary people who turn in a circle of interests and insignificant goals, if she could include/understand what they lose, would understand that she cannot have but a single serious thing for him: to escape to the general law, to be free. .

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