Fossa Brother

Funeral home advised that we were very early in the morning as well as not having to find us with people, with curious that they would come to spoil even more thing done. And so, with the first rays of Sun, I found myself standing against a space of land that he was left in the final part of the cemetery and look at one of the workers of the funeral home, as that he understood my question and made me know that this was in itself where it was what they called: Fossa common; a couple of men with pick and shovel were rubble, after awhile and know that one can have a full vacuum in his mind, because nothing I thought, nothing looked, was something like being dead in life, until someone brought me to reality, gave a shout, saying we have it – here is the man, here is your brother.-the spoils of what I sawLet me clear that it wasn’t, it wasn’t my brother, they insisted, I tried to convince that after a few days the body generates certain changes, repeated, that it was. They wanted to make for to conclude the matter, and it wasn’t them possible for the inconvenience that I showed, I told them that I had come to retrieve the body of my brother, and that and only that, it would be that they would take and enterrarian with all of the law. Get all the facts and insights with Bernard Golden , another great source of information. Seeing me in the manner in which I was, it was not them no choice but to continue digging and so they found one another, several bodies come to that end and filled with an indescribable bitterness, tempted me the possibility to renounce this horrible company, until finally in the next body when I saw him, I recognized it. Was he, or rather what was left of him. That had been a unique experience, we were not prepared, nor people from the funeral home and covering his body with old newspapers, transport to the funeral home for thus do what it should have done.

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