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The question then, does not idle. From my teaching experience – every second coming on a course trading asks the question: 'How much can you earn on the stock market? ". And every time that question puts me in an awkward position. Somehow I feel ashamed for the exchange. Why she does not want to justify the hopes placed on it the suffering people of money. Life has taught me to include logic as soon as I hear about the enormous interest income. And I want to bring you to the consideration of the question 'How much can you earn on the stock market? " also through the prism of everyday logic. ctively involved in the matter. Here is a quote from my article 'The stock market – are not gods pots fired': 'Look around.

How many friends and people you know doing business. David Rogier might disagree with that approach. This is the absolute majority of smart people who have achieved something in this life. If you ask them what percentage of annual net profits on invested ruble gives them their business, you may be surprised. 20% annum – this is a very decent profit. So why are these dear people for 16 hours a day pyzhatsya due to offend your ears 20% percent. They are in constant exhausting struggle with Russian officials (SES, firefighters, tax officials, police and a minimum of 20-elements of the state machine to the sprawling threatening cancer). And yet do not want to change the flea markets – business on the speculation. It's simple – their perfected everyday troubles logic tells them that all is not easy! " Coming to the stock exchange, youth brings with it a 10-20 thousand rubles and asks another question: 'Is it possible to earn a stable monthly income to live on it?'.

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