Foreign Language

In this article I want to express, and of course to justify their views on the effectiveness of different forms of learning a foreign language: 1. private lessons with a teacher 2. language learning in the group 3. independent study without teachers and groups. But to start let me introduce who I am and what I have the attitude to language? My name is Herman Utena. Knowledge of English is now no surprise, therefore, a lot of talk about it will not: communicate on It foreigners, watch movies, listen to the radio, etc.

Still speak Finnish. Teach its language courses. Taught at the Military Institute of Foreign Languages. Recently started their own to learn Norwegian. Thus, I to judge the study of languages from different points of view: user, teacher, full-time students and learners themselves. Before many people reshivshimi learn the language, the question arises: What form study to choose? If viewed from a financial point of view, the differences will not arise: the most expensive way – is to engage individually with the teacher, and the cheapest on their own. And many make this automatic conclusion: "Hence, efficiency lies in the same manner and is directly proportional to money spent.

" However, there is not so simple. We will not compare different methods (talk about this in another article), but let's see what kinds of work are used in group and individual training options with the teacher and see which ones can not do yourself. Teacher explains the material.

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