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Bed + bike was integrated into the map data of the ADFC. The FootMap GmbH, which has brought an innovative navigation software for pedestrians, cyclists and mountain bikers on the market in the last year, works since its inception with the ADFC Hildesheim as a competent partner in the field of cycling and cycling. By working FootMap could integrate-oriented and relevant aspects in the development of the navigation software to the needs of cyclists in the software. Thus arose an Outdoornavigation, which is tailored specifically to cyclists, without however the interests of hikers and mountain bikers disregarded. In addition, the FootMap navigation software contains information about POI (points of interest) and other things, which can be for walkers or cyclists of interest: pharmacies, bakeries, ATM, retail stores, etc. Now, the Federal Association of the ADFC FootMap has the data of bed + bike”made available. All are now available version of the bike navigation Information, such as contact information, type of accommodation, number of rooms and room rates included.

Therefore detailed information about accommodations bed + bike”the cyclist makes available. Total 5200 hotels, b & BS, guest houses, hostels and campsites in the record are included. As mentioned by the ADFC are certified, the cyclists has the security to control lodging for him on his tour. Logo decorate only who meets the stringent quality requirements of the ADFC, allowed its operation with the bed + bike”. “Now it is possible to Orient with the bicycle navigation while driving in the area safe for the cyclists who plans tours over several days, and is also sure to a bed + bike” to have quarters.

This extension of the FootMap navigation eliminates in the run-up to the annoying search accommodation suitable for cyclists in tourist brochures or the Internet, since all information on the GPS unit are available. A leading source for info: Philip Vasan. Also the FootMap Outdoornavigation integrating bed + bike allows,”that the cyclists which spontaneously goes on trips, on-site lead to an accommodation may be. Thanks to the integration of bed + bike”data of the ADFC in the FootMap software, a further step in the direction of a navigation software that can replace a classic travel guide, has been done. More information about bike navigation, see fahrrad_navigation.html

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