Food Supplements

The absorption of vitamins and nutrients in the field of nutritional supplements has been much in the last decade. The message that people need three things to get young and healthy comes mainly from the United States: sport, a healthy diet and nutritional supplements, the so-called supplements in the form of pills. The current box office hit are antioxidants, which should be stronger in their effect than vitamin C and E. After initial skepticism, the positive effect of antioxidants is now scientifically clearly evidenced. Also the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich could provide proof that are antioxidants able to neutralise the in the body resulting aggressive molecules, such as for example hydrogen peroxide. Generally result in two applications for supplements. First of all: situations of lack of.

Under certain circumstances, such as excessive physical exercise, concrete single nutrients or nutrients are administered, having established a lack of these specific substances. Second, Interest. The question whether a deficiency can be eliminated not by changing a compilation of daily-consumed food products arises however when precautionary taking of individual nutrients or nutrients or combination preparations. Only in competitive endurance performance sport an energy and liquid supplement appears after today’s knowledge to be useful. The hope to achieve a special performance, special nutritional supplements is not given the current state of the science.

The belief that the surplus of a particular nutrient is the deficiency symptom of this substance into its opposite is unlikely. Basically, supplementing with a certain nutrient can bring only benefits, where previously a deficiency of this nutrient has passed. Such deficiency can be avoided through a balanced diet but from the outset. Functional food”is a relatively young Term for all foods that are enriched with specific additives. Bread, yoghurt and cheese become functional foods”by them increasingly vitamins and minerals are added to, but also other ingredients, such as, for example, useful bacterial strains that will replace our loaded gut mucosa in the balance. Most of the health effects of the active substances is scientifically proven and adverse effects are usually not to worry about on the basis of the strict laws of local food.

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