Food Industry

Abbreviations are not spared the majority of industries have a pleasant exception, the food industry and some segments of agriculture. Food and beverages, ie, Food industry of economic downturn suffered minimal: in the early 2009 recession, according to the assessment of the macroeconomic analysis and short-term forecasting, has made only two one hundredth percent. Production of cereals, sugar, by contrast, has a positive dynamics. In times of past economic crises, Food industry and related industries were considered the most stable. A vivid example is the sphere of fast food, which appeared in the 1920-ies in America. Pioneer in this area White Castle was the company, which opened in 1921 in Kansas. The demand for hamburgers for 5 cents survived the Great Depression, World War ii and less global economic .

And always want to eat – says folk wisdom. It's time to take advantage of the situation. The case was built on the physical needs of food and water, can become more than profitability. So today it's time to prioritize and pay close attention on food and drinks, such as production, supply, wholesale, retail, food, open a fast food cafe. Fortunately, that there is no shortage of suppliers. On b2b electronic trading platforms you can find all the necessary details in the business, from food and beverages to equipment for cafes and restaurants. For the first few months of constant awareness of the crisis in the media often appeared pessimistic for food articles. However, not all that bad.

The main reason – the winter months are traditionally considered to decline in the overall purchasing power than hope. In addition, food industry, anyway, is a ward of the state, because it is part of the country's agricultural complex. Have an idea to run the business in crisis is not more difficult than during ekonomisechkogo lifting, and sometimes something easier. While many players are leaving the restaurant business, some institutions are limited to only a change of ownership, ie, Most often occurs rebranding and new marketing strategy. Come to replace the old new players. The idea of opening a fast food cafe at first glance may seem mad: People do not have much money. According to experts, and consumers themselves, the price today determines the demand for fast food industry. Structure of visitors to these establishments looks conventionally as follows: employees of nearby companies at lunchtime, pupils and students, and their low-budget spending free time, the celebration birthday fun weekend Visitors major shopping centers (with and without children). economic downturn is not the time for panic. Need to take a proactive stance in order not to have to regret the missed opportunities tomorrow. Read article on the Business Portal B2B. Bon appetit

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