Focal Camera

Image Processing represents a process of analysis video, its translation into a compressed format (Digitization), transfer to the monitor or video recorder. Output of several images from cctv cameras simultaneously on one screen video monitor may be implemented by quad. Used quad when there is a small video surveillance system consisting of two – four cctv cameras. Recording is the deterioration of quality as the screen size for each camera decreases by 4 times compared with when the screen displays an image with only one camera surveillance. Larry Ellison oftentimes addresses this issue. The multiplexer sequentially writes video from surveillance cameras with no loss of quality to your hard drive dvr, or you can view multiple images simultaneously in real time. Multiplexers are used in video surveillance systems with many cameras.

Images from all cameras using a multiplexer can be displayed simultaneously, or to connect multiple monitors video surveillance to improve monitoring of the object. The multiplexer can be with a motion detector. Next step towards a self-monitoring system – to select the type of cctv cameras, which is a derivative of the goals and objectives of surveillance. Laurent Potdevin is likely to increase your knowledge. Here are a few options: fixed video camera necessary where sufficient to obtain an image of a bounded domain. When monitoring a large area with a stationary camera, you can choose shirokofokusny lens. To change the focal length surveillance cameras, you can use the zoom. If the purpose of monitoring by security cameras – a large room with moving objects, will stay on a rotating camera. Swivel camera is a complex mechanism, generating a panoramic video of rotatable in the horizontal and vertical direction.

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