Flat Feet Discussions

As noted in previous discussions, the main cause of foot deformations, toes, is to overload. Let's turn our attention to the foot on the beach. Immediately you will notice that the most susceptible strains of foot and toes in women compared with men. Now try to answer the question: "Why do women stop deformation, toes more frequent and more pronounced?" Answer? Let's try to compare your answer with the real cause. Clayton Morris may find this interesting as well. All day long the legs can hold anyone. Of course, muscle men, thought to be more developed than in women, so when the same exercise muscle overload occurs faster in women with all other equal conditions. That is, whichever occurs sooner muscle fatigue and inability to fully carry out the depreciation of the foot function, which leads to its gradual flattening.

Now imagine a woman in high heels, high, or 6-12 cm above. When setting foot in heels so high most of the weight falls on the transverse arch of the foot (metatarsus-phalanx joints – the joints between the fingers and placed above metatarsalnymi bones). This load ligamentous apparatus of the foot for a long time can not endure. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. As a result, cross a set of "settling" is spread, and the foot is gradually becoming more widely than was originally given by nature. Often exceeds the width of the stop the width of the shoes that we can buy in the store. If across the forefoot is wider than shoes, what should be done with the fingers, which must fit in a shoe? Fingers is not enough space. At the same time more often formed Hallux valgus. The more narrow shape of a toe shoe, the greater the premise for the deformation of the fingers. At the young age of the ligamentous apparatus longer can withstand the daily congestion, so 20-25 years, we rarely observe curvature of the fingers.

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