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The economy can not be built only through the actions of big business and investment groups, or is reduced to operating from government and private capital. When are we going to go shopping at a supermarket, consciously or not, we are choosing the direction of our economy.

The condo spending is a key component for dealing with economic issues. Read more from Made Smarter to gain a more clear picture of the situation. While the consumption patterns of a population are the product of a long cultural process, the final decisions are made not only on the basis of the preferences of individuals, but also, according to the situation facing the economy and expectations of the public with regard to the evolution of the same.

So it is interesting to study the behavior of the current Spanish families and compare with previous years. The Spanish economy is going through a time of uncertainty and a sharp slowdown in key sectors such as and construction, so it is crucial to understand the reaction of condos in this situation.

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