Flame Spread Index

Box against fire in the technical characteristics of new pvc windows are such an indicator: Flame Spread Index – 0. This means that the window units do not support burning and do not emit toxic substances when heated. Baby Clothes Market has similar goals. Moreover, if in an apartment fire starts, double or triple glazing 'strangle' it. The fact that the windows have always played a big role in the outcome of the fire. If the glass burst, the flow of oxygen to support and strengthen the fire. Sealed double glazing – good thermal insulation. Therefore, if the first glass and bursts of strong temperature changes, then the second, heating up more slowly and survive will not allow the fire to spread – fire will end by itself. Besides there were many examples in practice.

So whether we are rich, to buy cheap things Imported pvc frames from Europe initially pricey. Now more and more domestic firms are opening their own production, setting the line for production of window frames on the basis of profiles and components supplied by foreign partners. Russian and Belarusian companies in the field provide a complete list of services, starting with the dismantling of old frames and ending with a careful trim damaged slopes. The emergence of the market of new firms and the growth bids for the installation of pvc windows gradually reduced. Moreover, in the winter and in the off-season discounts are offered to 20% for the easily portable inconvenience: 20-30 minutes with exposed frames. Components come from Europe.

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