Fitness Routines

For many of my clients do like to recommend a total body workout as part of your overall exercise program. Why a full body routine? This is to maximize the metabolism and thus operate at an optimum rate, burn more calories and fat, even at rest. If your goals are to burn fat, lose weight, reduce size and tone, it is important to concentrate on speeding up the metabolism. It’s actually pretty simple when it comes to exercise, harder exercise speeds up your metabolism. More specifically with exercises intense but short, explosive, that’s the key. Gone are those days when we had to exercise at a steady pace without giving your body a lot of challenges, or exercising specific parts and muscle groups one day and the next different muscle groups. Science has consistently shown that these outdated approaches are less effective than a whole body routine.

Sure, any exercise is better than sitting on the sofa with a pot of chips. But to make the most of your time spent keywords to focus on exercise are intensity and variety. Intensity means exercising harder in less time. The variety is self-explanatory. Mix up your routine frequently to challenge your body. This hard work will pay dividends, believe me. While traditional exercises accelerate metabolism and burn calories, full body routines will keep your metabolism elevated longer than any other exercise. You could exercise your biceps and triceps and accelerate your metabolism a bit after finishing train yourself. Or you could spend 30 minutes doing a vigorous workout, exercising the legs, back, chest, arms and speed up your metabolism for many hours, even more than a day! What you read is correct, when you exercise harder and smarter, you save time and also get better results.

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