Fishing In The Norweigan Fjords

Who wants to start successfully fish in the fjord in Norway should be guided primarily by the tides, the daily changing of the tides. Ask your landlord for a house-Tidenkalender or a tide table. pass from one to the other flood twelve and a half hours in which the oxygen-poor water warmed by fresh oxygen-rich and will be replaced with nutrient-enriched water. This food supply attracts small fish, which in turn followed by the larger predators such as: Kohler, pollack, cod, ling, tusk, halibut and sea bass. Approximately two hours before the Hochstwasserstand when the water starts to calm down, hunting for the robbers to prey fish.

Now you should be with the boat and fishing equipment for fishing on the water. This good and stable fishing equipment are important. Recent charts and a fish finder (sonar) should also not be missing while fishing in Norway. Now you are looking out with the aid of a chart or with the fish finder one of the many underwater mountains. Good places is then found, when an underwater mountain rises as 200 meters depth on 80-30 meters. On these rough edges are browsing a preference for the small fish, so that the big predators are not far away.

Fish first at the opposite side of the sun, as the robbers attack often to be seen as not just out of the shadow. Fish not only on the basis, but also in water resources. In particular, Kohler hunt in any depth. The best times of day to fish successfully in the morning and evening twilight. It is important that you find in the dark with the boat back to your cabin.

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