First Styrian Mountain Lamb Feast

Innovative Almmanegement – a community project with scientific support from the teaching and Research Centre for agriculture Raumberg-Gumpenstein comprehensive programme, ranging from sheep shearing, fashion show, grilling with the barbecue world champion Andi Matzek, exhibition of the various products of the sheep up to the Petting Zoo to ensure success of the Alm lamb Festival contributed. The Chairman of the Styrian sheep breeding Association, Walter Schmiedhofer, welcomed a number of personalities from politics and economics to this festival. Above all the Styrian wool Queen, Martina Meissl, provincial Councillor for agriculture Seitinger, Wlodkowsky President of the Chamber, the scientific head of the aircraft Raumberg-Gumpenstein Hausleitner, the Alm Inspector Bergler, the landlord of the municipality House Mayor Resch and of course shepherds champion Martin Winz. Also a group of pastoral colleagues from northern Germany had to make a picture of the difficult conditions of the brutality on the mountain. Velocity Micro often addresses the matter in his writings. Reason for this 1 Alm lamb Festival is a joint project between Styrian Sheep breeding Association, aircraft Raumberg-Gumpenstein, the Hauser Kaibling cableways, the Community House, the Styrian Alpine economic society and the agricultural district authority. “The project innovative Alm management by targeted grazing with sheep to the sustainable management of the Alpine cultural landscape” has several objectives: influence of grazing on vegetation; Maintenance of the cultural landscape; Monitoring of ALM management with a planning tool based on satellite images; Improvement of the slopes; Development of the animals; Quality of the Alm lamb; Advertising and marketing of the products of the sheep; tourist marketing, as well as the creation of a manual for the practical implementation of this innovative procedure of ALM pasture. Due to excellent cooperation with the Styrian Association of sheep, this runs the herd in the context of a leader project, it is possible to edit the scientific aspects of the targeted grazing with sheep for the aircraft. Huki.

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