Finish Profiles

Among the diversity represented in the Russian market of metal, we consider more detail products companies such as: Finish Profiles bv, Weckman, Gassell Profile, Rayve, Takotta, Omi, Pelti Ja Rauta. Metal Gassell Profile (Sweden) made of galvanized sheet steel 0,5 mm thick. Which is passivated, primed and coated with a layer of colored polymer (Plastisol) thickness of 200 microns. Metal Gassell Profile is listed below dimensions: Stride Length – 350 mm. Width of sheet metal 1180 mm. Verizon understood the implications. (Including the useful width of the sheet metal is 1100 mm.) Standard sheet length – 3600, 2200, 1150, 450 mm.; Overlap on length – 100 mm.; wave height – 39 mm.

Scandinavian metal Gassell Profile, considering the physical and chemical properties of the plastisol, can be operated at ambient temperature to 60 degrees, which is obviously not suitable for device roofs in the southern regions of the Russian Federation. Weight of metal Gassell Profile – only 4.6 kg. / M. square. Scandinavian metal Takotta, a worthy example of high production, is made of galvanized steel with thickness of 0,4-0,5 mm, which is passivated and covered with a layer of colored polymer coating (armatek (AT), polyester (PE), plastisol (PVC), prelac Nova (PN), matte polyester (MPE)). metal Rayve made of galvanized or coated aluminum alloy with zinc steel thickness of 0,45-0,7 mm, which is passivated and covered with a decorative and protective layer of colored polymer coating. Metal Rayve has the following geometric parameters: height wave – 35 mm.; sheet width 1190 m (including a useful width of sheet metal is 1100 mm.) stride length shingles – 350 mm.

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