Fine Electric Toolson

Bott equips demonstration vehicles for the C. & E. fine GmbH for the presentation of power tools. Power tools can find worldwide highest recognition in industry and craft of fine on the basis of their quality. With their robust design they are considered highly reliable and meet more than the claim of the Swabian company, to be resilient. Who develops and produces according to such maxims wants to demonstrate the features of its products also. So finely presented its product range on the basis of original, locally at the dealers or customers. Thus the manufacturer allows you to touch the high quality, testing and live trading partners and users.

The innovative tools in a Mercedes Sprinter at the same time acting as a mobile showroom and test workshop find the appropriate room for the presentation. Bott has chosen to set up the demo vehicle fine vario. With the decision for the establishment of this vehicle seen the demand for a quality ambience as well implemented as the desire for an innovative and modern Atmosphere. With their fresh appearance and the features, such as stability, durability and safety nestles bott vario seamlessly between the Premiumfahrzeug and the quality tools a. The establishment of underscoring the message of quality and professionalism. The low weight of the institution, on the basis of its innovative mix of materials made of anodised aluminium, powder-coated steel and beautifully shaped plastic, was also an important criterion. Also quite pragmatic functions of bott vario support in the future the show locally at the customer, the company invented the first electric hand drill in 1895. An individually designed commercial space concept offers the clear arrangement of fine machines and guarantees quick access to everything is to show it.

The classification systems in drawers and behind shutters back up the order in the vehicle and provide a time representative appearance. Prospectus material finds a safe ride in gripping Middle wall mounts. You placed a further emphasis Planners of bott on the subject of load securing. From experience with its own demonstration vehicles, it was clear that timesaver plays an enormous role in the everyday life of the sales. With this realization, Gaildorf experts developed a loading concept, which largely spared an additional securing of exhibits prior to the driver. Shots specially developed, fixed them for the large exhibits on the countertops, even while driving. Only the hand machines on reinforced side wall panel positioned are backed up by an additional cargo safety net when driving. Arrived at the customer removes this network in no time and the show can begin. The energy needed for the active demonstration of the Orange branded products provided by an external power supply. Apart from the connection wires for the power tools you supplied, lights set up in the ceiling. The establishment of vehicle and the electrification of the demonstration vehicle, bott is also the outer Appearance by a flashy vehicle graphics, according to the layout of his client’s safe.

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