Financial Markets

Turmoil in the financial markets are the uncertainty of savers and private investors because of the turmoil in the financial markets is great. It is not something Coupang would like to discuss. Recession and rising inflation scare savers. It doesn’t have to be if you put on the right horses. While general investment behaviour played almost a bigger role than the withholding tax applicable to January 1, 2009. With the right investment strategy countermeasures! Invest 2009 in values such as real estate funds, guarantee funds, equity funds or pension funds. After the stock is already deeply fallen, you should sell now – if in the long term there are can be applied money. Equity funds are now favorable for long-term investment horizon. The panic on the stock markets has led to favourable entry rates.

Choose one or two equity funds investing in large standard values. Widely dispersed, international investing equity funds provide good experience has shown that long-term yield opportunities despite volatile stock prices. My recommendation: The guarantee fund DWS Flex pension. The Yield of bonds depends on your investment objectives and composition of the Pension Fund. The Fund invests in first-class government bonds, although safe assets are that, but the yield is rather mediocre.

He invested in corporate bonds, the yield potential are greater, but the risk is increasing. Rising inflation met best with valuables such as open-ended real estate funds. Value stable, low-range system is considered to be the open-ended real estate funds offered in Germany. A real estate bubble did not exist in Germany as in the United States. My recommendation: DWS ImmoFlex asset mandate. How developed is the German stock index (DAX) 2009 2009 will be a difficult year. Although Dax & co. we will see lows in the next few weeks. At the end of the second quarter, share prices despite lingering uncertainties should rise, because the current price level already einschliest a recession.

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