Financial Internationalization

6.A International Financial Markets. Financial Internationalization was clearly concentrated in banking and securities market development for the placement and recruitment of large volumes of resources through international operations. There have been changes in national banking regulations in developed countries ena the following: a global economic performance is more search through international financial markets by capital from developed countries who could not find the placement of the economies was also an increase of surplus funds in the oil-producing countries were focused on international markets. a It was a severe change in external banking, initiating the process of first U.S. bank. 6.1 The “securitization” of credit is implanted deep changes in the modalities for the functioning of financial markets which are known as innovation, which are changes in financial patterns in the operations of direct exchange of obligations between ultimate borrowers and lenders facilitating UNAA massive conversion of financial assets in commercial values, with the issuance of instruments such as bonds, sale loans, bankers’ acceptances, shares, commercial paper, certificates of deposit, etc. to occur in the country licenses the Central Bank monetary absorption of Honduras that were created to regulate the money supply in circulation which have an monetary policy rate at 6.75% which are not equivalent to 6.8% inflation is reached in the month of November and has not been controlled through policies rather has increased, breaking the goal to be had for this year . The process has not been in the country because there is no proper development of the stock market because no company disclose publicly their financial statements that this is a requirement for participation in a stock market . .

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