Filling The Interior Doors .

Filling the interior dverey.Esli we deal with the door not of the whole array, eg, veneer door, the logical question arises about its content. For even more analysis, hear from Sir Richard Branson. Combined array-elements of the massive doors, most often, made from perekleennogo array. This technology is most advanced. Perekleenny array is connected to the pressure bars are well dried wood, chosen so that the direction of fibers in each layer was different. This technology allows, further, to avoid deformation of the door leaf.

Wiring of the bars in perekleennom array may vary. Every manufacturer is looking for the best option, which would give the necessary rigidity of the assembly, and at the same time, would have been feasible. From the array can be performed as all the design elements of leaf and its parts (Eg, rail). Hollow sheet (cell content) – similar fabrics are manufactured by large industrial enterprises that use very high-tech oborudovanie.Polotno consists of an inner frame of softwood with lateral bulges in the middle of the canvas for the subsequent tie-locks, the periodic structure of pressboard type 'honeycomb' applications which significantly increases the stability of the geometric dimensions of paintings, and facilitates weight fabrics; surface sheets of mdf. Constructed in this way 'pie' is covered by different types of wood veneer: walnut, mahogany, oak, cherry, pear, beech, etc., or covered with special dyes. Hollow blade is very easy, which allows for a more miniature loops. On the basis of these paintings are made as simple smooth, and more complex framed canvases options. Doors can be deaf and glazing. Fabric with the filling-doors with a basis of particle board or mdf more durable, made of solid chipboard even stronger, though much heavier than the first (Leaf with the filling of chipboard weighing approximately 20-30 kg and require plant more massive loops). However, such doors have much higher rates of insulation than the door with the honeycomb.

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