FFL And Star Wings Choose Cooperation

The joint cooperation of the FFL with Star Wings gives companies considerable synergies the FFL school for aircraft guide GmbH and the star wings Dortmund airline mbH have at the beginning of the year an extensive cooperation in the areas of crew training and recruitment of young pilots decided. As one of the oldest and most prestigious flight schools in Germany, FFL is active in the areas of training and chartering, and offers its customers the entire range of training from private pilot to airline pilots. 10 single – and twin-engined aircraft and a Flight Simulator available are for this purpose. The Star Wings operates eight business jets of various Cessna Citation at the location of Dortmund series and a King Air B200 in the Executive and ambulance transport. In addition, model authorizations are offered for citation Jet and B200.

Now agreed cooperation graduates of the FFL, conveyed more training content the ATPL in addition to the classic airline training, according to the needs of the business aviation. To do this, include in particular multicultural CRM, customer orientation and awareness of operational characteristics in flight operations. Also, experienced training captains of Star wings have the opportunity through regular contacts with the flight students to get to know potential junior pilots during their basic training and their performance and development over a longer period of time to watch. This simplifies the pilot selection and ensures a uniformly high standard of education their young pilots the Star Wings. The FFL succeeded with Star Wings, in addition to the existing cooperation agreements with Air Berlin and Lufthansa City line, a partner in the field of business and Executive Charter is to win. With the Star Wings, cooperation can FFL their graduates in a currently difficult labour market critical to facilitate the career. In addition, Star Wings will take advantage of the training infrastructure of the FFL training center at the Essen Mulheim airport.

The Mechtronix FTD B200 Simulator, the classrooms are in focus and the computer based training facilities for the acquisition of the King Air B90 200 type rating. The Simulator is also used for regular refresher courses and standardization of own cockpit crews and for screening, which ensures a high standard of training of the own pilots. Result is a cost-reduced, effective and sustainable pilot training. Wolfgang Pieckenhagen FFL school for aircraft Director GmbH

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