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Now, therefore, confess their sin to the Lord, God of our ancestors, and do what pleases him. Separate from the pagans and foreign women. Whole House replied with a loud voice:-we will do everything that we’ve said.(Ezra 10: 10-12.) New International Version) do not stop. Firm steps. He may feel that he made advances and recedes again.

But if you are determined to persevere, taken from the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ you will achieve it. Always remember that the son of God won leg us victory on the cross. 4. Do not terrorize the obstacles there are two situations that will probably find at your disposal change and return to God: the first, those who criticize him and used by Satan, you will want to convince that not worth trying because you will never change; the second, who put problems and become a stumbling block to its determination to be true to the heavenly father. In the time of Ezra there were those who expressed open opposition to the provision which had the others of being faithful to the Supreme Maker: only opposed Jonathan son of Asahel and Jahazias son of Ticva, supported by Mesulan and Sabetay Levites. Those who had returned from captivity they acted according to what had been agreed. Then Ezra the priest selected and called by name to certain heads of family, and met with them to discuss each case from the first day of the tenth month.

And the first day of the first month ended for resolving cases of all those who had married foreign women. (Ezra 10: 15-18.) New International Version) a friend who came out of a long process of drug addiction, was among his former cronies, all sorts of criticism and ridicule and at times came to believe that it would be impossible to overcome his tie. However took over the Council that gave him and that I share with you: fortalezcase in prayer. The Lord Jesus will allow you to move forward, in victoria. Today the decision make sure that more time has elapsed without returning his gaze to Jesus Christ. Not is how much has sin or to what level it fell in the worldliness. There is hope. It is enough that you decide and act. I can assure you that if you reset his walk of faithfulness to the Lord, they will return the blessings that have been elusive since he departed from him. Do not look back. Sinfulness may be tempting, but the consequences are disastrous. Keep in mind that God created us with the condition of victors and not I have doubt that in your life you’ll see new days, full of power and victory PS. Fernando Alexis Jimenez contact (057) 317-4913705 Blog Emial original author and source of the article.

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