Feet Sweat

With a welding quantity measurement the physician can determine also whether is actually a hyperhidrosis. This is the sweat is absorbed with a filter paper, which flows within a minute. A sweat production from 30 milligrams per minute to a sole of the foot is considered to be proof for excessive sweating. Fear, pain, stress, about one to two percent of people in Germany suffer from a primary hyperhidrosis. To read more click here: Gary Kelly . With them, the body reacts with excessive sweating already on light effort, mental stress, or even without any occasion. Known triggers are fear, pain or stress. As the perspiration of the vegetative nervous system is controlled, it is believed that the nerve fibers of this system hyperactive to respond.

Regardless of gender men and women are about equally frequently affected, where there are also specific Ursachsen for both sexes. During menopause, many women suffer violent attacks of welding. A reduced is responsible Production of the female hormone estrogen. In men, a low testosterone level may provoke sweating. No wonder is that men sweat more often and stronger than women, because they generally have more sweat glands. As a general rule: foot odor can have different causes. Prior to therapy, this should be clarified.

How does the smell? It’s often the individual lifestyle, which provoke strong foot odor. Closed footwear, synthetic socks, to rare change of shoes, massive efforts and sports promote the formation of odor. The first odorless sweat on the skin surface is converted by bacteria to form fatty acids and ammonia. These metabolites are the actual smell. In air-tight shoes and stockings, the bacteria multiply excellently. The consequence for Hyperhidrosis: The more sweat is produced and preserved on the surface of the skin, the greater the amount of bacteria and thus the amount of foul-smelling substances is. Skin problems sweaty feet are not only unpleasant for the patient, they can cause serious skin problems. As a result of excessive sweat secretion, the skin of the foot is often swollen cracked and brittle. Often also dimple-shaped cornea defects show up on the soles of the feet. The barrier function of the skin is disturbed, and the tears serve as ideal portal of entry for bacteria and fungal pathogens. What can you do? Tightly closing off shoes and socks to prevent that the sweat the possibility to evaporate. Therefore affected when buying shoes to breathable materials should and shoes regularly ventilate and disinfect. Hyperhidrosis especially proven antitranspirante ingredients, for example aluminum salts, help to reduce the excessive sweat production. Antimicrobial agents prevent in addition that the welding is converted into foul-smelling substances. For the treatment of skin problems with Hyperhidrosis, it is also particularly important, the Feet to feed a rich care. If you have any questions, check out just once. On my homepage or directly in my practice. I would be happy..

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