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2012 still no end in sight but ways to warn yourself and others in a timely manner. Despite massive penalties for businesses make unauthorized or unwanted telemarketing calls goes on seemingly the game without restrictions. Companies that want to go play it safe just increasingly rely on call centers abroad. In these cases, the Federal Network Agency can do unfortunately not much. Also, there are already some well-known companies such as from Italy, who want to sell preferred Italian delicatessen on the phone. Apart from the such calls prohibited here is a simple sales pitch behind the call. In addition to these annoying callers there but also caller who have want to have no good intentions and lure unsuspecting consumers into the trap but once a number has been blocked with the cheaters already new number where they are active. A CRL or similar protection thus leads to no success and you will call continues with unwanted annoyed.

But not all telemarketing calls are prohibited. In a majority of the Cases consumers have granted a permit for such calls the relevant companies. Remember, only a few consumers can or the so-called affiliates that may use data for telemarketing calls was not aware of them. It concludes, for example, a mobile phone contract, is by setting one hook agreed that you would like to receive telemarketing calls or product information. In the fine print that will be forwarded even mentioned the data continue to partner companies. In this way one – reaches a large number of companies at the beginning – private number quickly and is all a permission in any way. In this respect, consumer are unfortunately too little enlightened and usually only find out when it is too late. Who has often made experience with unwanted advertising calls knows how you have to behave.

You should not even on a conversation have and right at the beginning of some questions to the caller. It is very useful to use the Internet for information exchange. Da Companies generally required are the telephone number for the recipient to display, you can quickly check who or what is behind this. You find Telefonnummer.us where you can search a reverse lookup – for a certain phone number – similar to the Forum on the Internet. Unlike as in the usual reverse, registered phone numbers are in the database only by consumers. It is so call with a phone number annoyed can I check using the search function if the page this phone number has been reported by a visitor and can read the existing experiences and complement their own experiences. You still not registered will reach a phone number through the search form automatically a form, to report the number. Many consumers use this service to find out even more about a phone number or to warn other Verbaucher, for example, before certain dog numbers. This seems probably currently the only useful measure against unauthorized and unwanted telemarketing calls to be. Of course, also a message to the Federal Network Agency should be provided commerce with the caller a frivolous undertaking. The Forum is also in Spanish and English available. More information under (here you can protect in time yourself and others)

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