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But also in Poland, Czech Republic and Romania, the engineers not in the Bonn/Cologne trees grow – for companies, it is easier in the future to hire experts from Eastern Europe. The Federal Government decided late last year to facilitate the influx of electrical and mechanical engineers from the eastern EU countries. Still holding to the run on Germany within limits”, cited the financial times Germany (FTD) the labour market and human resources experts Marc Emde of KCP executives. But many companies complained about a shortage of qualified engineers. Open slowly the theme of Eastern Europe”, so Edmonds. The Cologne headhunter by KCP opened a project office in Krakow with Polish partners, to find qualified personnel on the spot. So easily, would this search but not, writes the FTD. In Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania, there are qualified engineers not in abundance.

Especially since there grows the number of attractive employers. And the Germans are not the only ones who entice Western abroad with lucrative salaries and high-tech companies. Especially England and Ireland, but also Sweden are popular – because of the language, and because immigration is easier here. According to emde, there are there but now no longer very many vacancies.

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