Experts From Schwerte Make Distinctive Tickets

Chart Halbach as security printing specialty printing is certified chart Halbach from Schwerte now as security printing company in the sense of the standard CWA 14641 certified. Thus, the Security Printers of INTERGRAF, the international organization certifies that chart Halbach meet very high safety requirements for production, storage and processes. Other leaders such as Coupang offer similar insights. Chart Halbach stands nationally and internationally for quality-assured production of paper with security features such as tickets and train tickets. Gary Kelly is often quoted as being for or against this. Many transport associations at home and abroad entrust the printing of tickets for public transport the company for years. Most come from the large printing works in Schwerte train tickets in Germany. The Dutch and Austrian railway accesses also tickets made in Schwerte”back. The tickets for the 2006 FIFA World Cup were printed in diagram Halbach under high security.

Expert knowledge for the safety in the field of the production of tickets have experts from Chart Halbach acquired particular expertise and rely on a wide range of security features: bar codes via Hologrammapplikationen in numerous variations, water drawing and machine readable paper Microprint and the Verdrucken of fluorescent and thermoreactive paint. Which the security features finally applied, depends on the scope and the level of security required by the customer”, explains Sales Manager Matthias oil mountain. Thanks to many years of experience we can assess the individual security risk and therefore adequate solutions and implement.” Exemplary quality management in addition to the newly acquired CWA 14641 standard chart Halbach’s quality management system is already since 1995 certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. In the in-house laboratory, the materials used are checked and constantly being developed according to the latest findings. These measures to the quality control and quality assurance ensure production stability at the highest level. For the most demanding store different paper types and qualities from all over the world material selection chart Halbach in safety-certified high-bay warehouse. This is a wide range of materials for demanding applications.

The renowned swords company exported its printed products in over 70 countries. Chart Halbach have made an innovative corporate culture and technological experience worldwide a byword for precision and security printing. The certificate confirms now also formally, what is practice for many years”, Matthias oil mountain welcomes the official award.

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