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These stem from the bottom should be hit by a plastic or something else soft that it is not scratched your new floor. Pay special attention to the sliding bed. It is on this couch can be expected clandestine dirty tricks and intrigue at the very last moment, seems to be all over. Before you push a sofa – check! – Are the clips on the bottom of the sofa, which pulls. – When you drag a heavy and bulky bedroom furniture (sofa, chair), which is not passes through the door, it usually flip on its side. Be careful! In this side, under the cloth may be small and invisible stud. Who is always ready to leave a scratch on your linoleum (as well as on the laminate, parquet floor, etc.).

– While dragging heavy boxes can be placed on the floor mat or other old soft and durable fabric. Putting on the coating your closet, you can move it right on the floor without much effort, and without fear ruin the floor. You’ll also be able to pull the edges of the cloth and thus to drag their furniture. Well, we have completed the basic steps. As you can see, nothing particularly complicated.

Sincerely, Your Nick Masters – Expert Construction Portal “MasterOK!” – Rating the business directory construction market news, prices, articles, search for products and services. PS Finally once again list the tools that will be very useful when installing linoleum nastikli skirting: – roller brush and bath for a primer – priming with sex – a special knife for cutting linoleum. Previously, it was called cobbler’s knife. Now sell such knives with a comfortable handle and a small, removable, trapezoidal blades. They are quite sharp and well-cut – an electric jigsaw – for fast cutting baseboards. You can do the usual and a hacksaw. – Hammer or percussion drill – for drilling to install skirting – electric screwdriver – for quick screwing screws when mounting the baseboards. Instead, you can apply screwdriver drill with a special attachment in the form of a screwdriver. By the way, if you seem to be tools expensive, they can be rented. Addresses of shops and trading houses, price lists and other information can be found at the Construction site “MasterOK!”.

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