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With NoLimits24 to the next Star for Germany on May 29, 2010 our star for Oslo is the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany at the start. For those who represent our country on the stage of this world with her voice may already in the next year such as Lena Meyer-Landrut, the adventure agency NoLimits24 offers the experience become a superstar’ and can be a bit closer to the dream of a singing career. “Throughout Germany with our star for Oslo-Lena Meyer-Landrut trembles this Saturday to the key words: Germany twelve points”! For many, it is not only the hopes of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, but also great role model. With her authentic voice, the unconventional performance and their fresh appearance, Lena is the rising star in heaven music and idol of many who dream of a singing career so steep. NoLimits24, which brings online portal for experience gifts, this dream with the experience become a superstar!’ closer. Here you can first steps in the direction of pop stars and record your own CD in a real Recording Studio. Whether it is a self-written song warble or reinterpreted the favorite song, the producer and his team offer advice and practical help and professionally edit the recordings on the mixer. Here, everyone can show what’s in it for a superstar! Those who have not been blessed with a golden tonsils can still ascend the starlike airs at NoLimits24. Whether as a catwalk diva in a professional model workshop or as a versatile glamour Queen with a professional photo shoot, see there is something guaranteed for every aspiring starlets.

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