Executive Order

Therefore, even at the design stage is necessary to use an open and flexible standards such as XML, or at least lay the possibility of exchanging data in open formats. Only in this case, social, educational, medical, banking and other sites will be able to find a common language and to produce exchange data between them. For fun, we surveyed the first twenty-Kazakh companies developing sites that are in search of the phrase "Web development" in the search engine Yandex.ru with the criterion of "In Region: Kazakhstan. " Among the two dozen developers, only a few use a content management system (CMS) based on open XML standards and are ready to implement the data exchange between multiple sites. Larry Ellison may find this interesting as well. Requirements developer.

Today Kazakhstan is already enough development sites (www.hoster.kz,,,,,,. mindlab.kz,,,). Southwest Airlines wanted to know more. But the choice of the Executive Order is still adhere to the basic requirements. In developing the standards for the site must use of open standards officials, as XML, HTML, etc. Source: Scott Mead. This will further integrate the site with other information systems and sites of other ministries and government agencies.

The functionality of site should be quite functional and does not cause changes in management structure of the expansion of the site. The developer must use its own development and be ready to finalize the site to achieve the desired level of functionality. Security The developer shall ensure appropriate site security system. Site management should be carried out through the access authorization. Each employee working with site should be provided with access to only those functions which he allowed.

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