Exclusive Porsche Panamera

A market is paramount for a brand when it starts to launch exclusive editions for the same. In recent years, Middle East and China have grabbed several special editions models of Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche, which gives an idea of the importance of these markets. The German mark has demonstrated this once again with the introduction of an exclusive Porsche Panamera in the Salon of Qatar. He has been baptized as Panamera 4S Middle East Edition, name that leaves everything clear: it is exclusive for Middle East, although they have not communicated exactly which countries will be exactly, and is based on the Panamera 4S. Outwardly it differs from the conventional 4S by the legacy 20 inch wheels directly from the Porsche 911 Turbo and the white hue of the bodywork, which like so much in those countries. We are the rest of changes in the cockpit, where wanted to give a great feeling of luxury model. The seats, dashboard and door trim are upholstered in red leather, which it contrasts with the generously sized carbon fiber inserts. It also has special edition identifying unique mats.

Also find this identifying logo on the threshold of doors. Moreover, the engine remains the same 4.8 atmospheric 400 HP V8, exclusively linked to a double gearbox clutch PDK. There will be only 66 units available in this Asian region, probably at a significantly higher price than the conventional 4S Panamera, although this will not mean a problem for a market hungry for exclusive cars. Original author and source of the article

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