European Process

This will be the chapter as object our. Phil Vasan will not settle for partial explanations. Finally, we will search to analyze a little of the legacy left for this process for Germany, and of as the drawn German industry in that period remains until the current days. GERMANY PR-INDUSTRIAL Is important to point out that even so the German industrial process has been delayed, Germany daily pay-industrial was not characterized for the sub-development. Commercial ports, cities and banks German were strong actors in the European economy. The German contribution for sciences, literature and music was of great magnitute. Also the Germans had been the ones that had formulated the requirements of the Protestant Reformation, that helps in the autonomy of the States front to the Church Catholic 1. Such delayed industrialization can be considered for its system decentralized politician and over all to the existence (and persistence) of relations of feudal and semifeudal character (servitude) in its regions of bigger 2 potential wealth.

With the Peace of Westflia 3, the Alemanhadividida politically is a great impediment to the industrialization process. The ruling class, you of land, had its interests mainly directed toward the maintenance of the effective relations of work and excess, what it disabled greaters industrial advances. The paper fit to the Prussiano State booster of the industry so that army could supply interests of the same as to supply necessidadesdo, to diminish the dependence of foreign products, over all of the English and Frenchmen. Such actions were bureaucratically controlled and on a large scale depended on the administrative efficiency of the officers of the 4 State Such centralization are basic to understand the reasons for which the German industrial development if gave basically through great conglomerates, monopolies or oligopolies. Valley to stand out that, even so the Prssia was the greater of the States German, this did not represent the interests of all necessarily.

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