European Marrakech

The fans of this sport starts very young. The streets are the most important game area for children and, in a country where scarce economic resources, a simple empty plastic bottle serves as a ball on many occasions. Football is the easiest way that children have for running, measure your skill with the opponent and, ultimately, fun. a In any event, not just the younger fans of this sport. Teens and adults meet at any time of day (morning, afternoon or even early mornings calurosisimas) to play a match in any square of the city or in the many concourses and football fields with soil that exist in the city to use and enjoyment of anyone who is willing to shoot.

As the people of Marrakech viewers also stand out for their enthusiasm. The fans is such that even the neighborhood Little League or enjoy a public company unconditional clusters around the country and encourage players celebrate their goals and the referee whistled when the occasion requires. Needless to say that the Moroccans are always informadisimos on the status of the classifications of the European competitions. Barca is the favorite team followed by Real Madrid. As for the national team is France that takes the cake.

In the wardrobe of any self-respecting girl should be at least a shirt of a football team and sometimes first, so incomprehensible, it is easier to find the latest model of equipment released by a club in the Medina of Marrakech in the Official Shop of the European Capital of turn. Things Morocco. Hardly see a woman in a bar in Marrakech on a normal day but if there is football game takes the matter to be unlikely to be impossible. While the world is not exclusively male sport, football is no doubt that we could consider the hobby only for men in Marrakech, as in any city in Morocco and many other parts of the world. When parties are televised the cafes are crowded with men with scarves and shirts soccer. In this case the chairs, usually directed toward the street to watch the passers-by, turn toward the TV and the party begins. Not even a real soccer stadium is there so much animation. Have tea, chatting animatedly, laughing and time is essential together chanting the word goal as strong as the rest of the inhabitants of the district, for whatever reason have decided to stay home, know for certain that the club has won the league. Why not have a dance and even do a little silly, it is important to have fun. a Marrakech Come and discover their passion for football or-ka, or any other sport. Ocre City offers a fascinating culture and traditions, monuments and countless attractions, great nightlife, delicious cuisine and countless shopping opportunities. In addition, a high quality and very cheap, especially the typical, charming and very affordable. Also You can stay at a great closer to the field, where the landscapes are spectacular and the people welcome you with open arms.

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