European Central Bank

The risk premium has fluctuated with ups and sudden downs all day. Even so, continues in historical maximum records. The risk premium on Italy also experienced a substantial decline. Bajan after grueling day lived on Monday. The Eurogroup facilitators bailouts but does not know yet how or when. Rumors of buying debt of peripheral European countries by the European Central Bank made the risk premium on Spain to relax at the end of the Tuesday session to 314 basis points, against the 375,7 basics that reached during the day, your maximum daily since the creation of the euro.

The narrowing of the risk premium occurred because the performance of the Spanish titles to 10 years fell to 5,854%, compared to 6,030 per cent marked at the close on Monday, after having reached the daily maximum at 6,233%. The return on German bonds, considered the safest in Europe, maturing in 2021, He experienced the opposite behavior and advanced to the % 2,711 from 2,671% Monday. That evolution was marked by rumors that the ECB had bought especially Italian debt, which encouraged the markets for sovereign debt of peripheral countries, who are still worried about the possibility of postponement of the rescue of Greece by the divergences on the part they have to assume the creditors. There has been no Spanish public debt purchases because operations with significant volume have just occurred, says the head of Ahorro Corporacion, Javier Ferrer, public debt that holds in any case that the movements in countries such as Italy have been so very relevant that there has to be something. The Vice President for Economic Affairs, Elena Salgado, went further to point out that he has no knowledge that the European Central Bank (ECB) is buying debt of peripheral countries of the euro zone. You know that that is not often said, but I know at all, the Minister of economy said categorically.

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