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Zucker.Kommunikation offers by default its clients SMNR since mid-2009 as a PR tool. Currently operates sugar. Twelve newsrooms under the domain Nova Broadcasting Group recognizes the significance of this. Sugar offers external companies. the Setup as a contract for work on own servers on. So should the introduction of SMNR as a basic building block of the communication with the target groups (insb.

Media and influencer) and thus as part of a contemporary and controlled public relations throughout Germany are supported. The newsrooms from Zucker.Kommunikation have established themselves through a quick setup, customizable design, and a very good value for money as best solution on the market. The newsrooms of New York you will find under: about Zucker.Kommunikation GmbH Zucker.Kommunikation is an independent agency for strategic brand-PR with seat in Berlin. Since 1998, supervised Zucker.Kommunikation brands, companies and institutions, such as ATP, Foot Locker, Fleurop, Fing’rs. Herlitz, Plantronics, Smava, Devil and others are managing director Matthias Bonjer and Oliver Kottwitz. In the current PR ranking 2009 Gerhard A. Pepper evidenced by Zucker.Kommunikation 6th among the lifestyle PR agencies in Germany. Sugar.

“” was distinguished several times: up-to-date with the Intermedia globe Silver Award 2009 for 100 years Fleurop 100 years emotions “as well as with the PR report Award 2008 in the category innovative PR strategy” for the St. John accident assistance. about New York that enterprises New York with 778 locations in 28 countries belongs to the leading companies in the sector of young fashion in Europe and can offer its target group, the 12-39 year-olds, a continuously updated and trendy collection at attractive prices. The range consists of fishbone, fishbone sister its own brands (sports – & crooked), amisu (lady-like fashion), the trend and casual Menswearlabel smog and censored (underwear and swimwear).

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